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W ednesday, J uly 8 , 2 0 2 0 Issue 27 - 2020 Free Newspaper St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana )or AdYertisinJ 5ates POease &ontact Our Office at Read Our New spaper Online at w w w ® PohOmann SZorn in for Third Term as Sheriff Public Information Department, St. Bernard Parish Sheri ’s O ce St. Bernard Sherĭ -ames 3ohlmann was sworn in Wednesday, -uly 1 for his third four year term as Sher ĭ of St. Bernard durinJ a small ceremony held at the St. Bernard CiYic Center in Chalmette. Retired /ouisiana Su preme Court -udJe RoEert .lees presented the oath of ȯce to the Sherĭ, who was Moined Ey his wife, 0oniTue, and their two dauJhters. -udJe .lees also swore in Sherĭ 3ohlmann¶s Chief 'eputy Richard Baumy, as well as the senior command stă and the men and women of the St. Bernard Sherĭ¶s 2̇ce. -oseph 'i)atta was the emcee and Chaplain $aron -ohnson ŏered the openinJ and closinJ prayers. SeYeral Sheri James Pohlmann was sworn in July 1, 2020, for his third four-year term as Sheri of St. Bernard. With Sheri Pohlmann are Chief Deputy Richard Baumy, le , and Deputy Chief John Doran, right. local diJnitaries were in at tendance, includinJ 'istrict $ttorney 3erry 1icosia, ClerN of Court Randy 1une], Ta[ $ssessor -aylynn BerJeron Turner, -udJe .im -ones and -udJe -eanne -uneau. 'urinJ the ceremony, the Sherĭ thanNed the men and women of the St. Ber nard Sherĭ¶s 2̇ce for the diliJent worN they do to Neep their community safe, es pecially durinJ the onJoinJ C29,' 19 pandemic and the tryinJ times our nation is fac inJ. “,¶m proud to haYe you Juys as memEers of the St. Bernard Sherĭ¶s 2̇ce and ,¶m proud to Ee your leader,´ the Sherĭ said. “We need you. 2ur community needs you. , need you. $nd we all Photo Courtesy of S.B.S.O. See POHL MANN , paJe 2 Army Buddies Reunite After 6 6 Y ears Charles James had always talked about his friend “Morici” and hoped to see him again one day. Both had volunteered for the dra and met at Camp Cha ee in Arkansas during basic train- ing. e two would hitch hike to Charlie’s home in Oklahoma on weekend passes. ey deployed separately to Korea and last saw each other in June of 1954. James’s granddaughter had heard him talk about his search for “Morici” for over 10 years. But it was sitting around the table going through old pictures where Charlie showed her a pic- ture of the two and a letter writ- ten to him from Morici’s sister. With those two things, she was able to locate the daughter of Vincent “Buddy” Morici, and they immediately began plan- ning to get the two together. Morici had also searched for James over the years, o en wondering and reminiscing. He had always remembered riding a white horse named “Cotton” at the James family home. He kept those pictures in a book and are some of the only photos he has le a er the family lost nearly James and Morici families reunite. See ARMY , paJe 2 Photo Courtesy of Family (Pictured, l-r) are the Chalmette High School Class of 2020 valedictorians: Lina Abdellatif, Ayla Hoey, Sarah Borne, Logan Dusang, Grace Bartholomae, Cindy Solis Gaytan, Connor Kenney, and Leanne Dacula. &haOmette +iJh Graduates Seniors Zith +onors See G RADU ATES , paJe 5