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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 Issue 22 - 2020 Free Newspaper St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana For Advertising Rates Please Contact Our Office at 504-278-7910 Read Our Newspaper Online at ® Meraux Foundation Awards Scholarships to 60 St. Bernard Graduates By Todd Ragusa Photo Courtesy of the Meraux Foundation Meraux Foundation President Rita Gue. The Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Founda- tion announced the Class of 2020 recipients of its annu- al scholarship program last week. The charity awards 60 scholarships each year: 50 for academic achievement, four for artistic accomplishment, and six for Career Technical Education (CTE). To date, the Meraux Foundation has awarded some 900 scholar- ships to St. Bernard Parish public high school graduates. This year’s seniors did not get to enjoy the typical pomp and circumstance that comes with graduation because of the coronavirus pandemic, so the St. Bernard Parish School District produced a video se- ries to celebrate the students’ achievements. It includes a video message by Meraux Foundation President Rita Gue. “While, especially now, the future seems uncertain, we are counting on you and your talents to make it even brighter. You are tomorrow’s leaders,” she said. “Judging by the intelligence, innova- tion, humility, and resilience I’ve seen you demonstrate, I am confident that you will go on to do great things and make your mark on this world.” The Meraux Foundation champions education as a central component of its mis- sion to improve the quality of life in St. Bernard Parish. In addition to the annual schol- arship program, it supports numerous educational initia- tives, including having do- nated the land for the Arlene Meraux Elementary School, sponsoring student events, See MERAUX , page 3 Bill Would Take Away St. Bernard’s Right to SueOil Companies, ParishGovernment Says Contributed by St. Bernard Parish Government President Guy McInnis is urg- ing each and every citizen of St. Ber- nard Parish to call and/or email our state Sen. Sharon Hewitt. Hewitt is a co-sponsor of a bill (SB359) that would eliminate St. Bernard’s right to sue oil and gas companies for de- stroyed wetlands, thereby abolish- ing St. Bernard’s ability to force oil and gas companies to pay to restore our coast. Parish government wants resi- dents to call and/or email Sen. Hewitt (985.646.6490/ 504 . 278 . 6530/hewi t t s@l eg i s . and ask her to place a “HOLD” on Senate Bill 359 (SB359). COVID-19: Businesses can visit https:// and complete the quick process. They will receive the current life safety and COVID mitigation standards along with a placard to post. The business will then receive real-time updates on changes to include when opening is allowed for the specific type of busi- ness. To hear the latest information from your parish officials visit www. or https:// ishtelevision. Stay up-to-date St. Bernard Parish Television You- Tube Channel nardparishtelevision Bill would give oil companies more power. Photo by The St.Bernard Parish Post